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Trans Fear 7 5, 12:54am

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Our government used to be reluctant to call anyone but Muslim attackers "terrorists", but since nearly all of the mass shootings lately, and plots uncovered and thwarted by the FBI, have been by American citizens working to promote a radical political movement, the Feds have finally come to their senses and started using the term "domestic terrorism". They do make a distinction between the shooter representing a group, and some lone fruitcake that went off his nut and started shooting up a mall or something. The former is a terrorist, but the latter is just some crazy guy with a gun.

As for Israel, the media here in the States tends to be pro-Israel; but more finely divided, the Right supports the Israeli government and the Left supports the Palestinians in their fight for equal rights. I try to stay out of the fight, especially since most of the time the Israelis and the Palestinians manage to live together relatively peaceably, with flare-ups breaking out from time to time; and so long as there isn't a war going on, I'm happy to let them mind their own business.