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Trans Fear 7 5, 7:45am

@uktana #9857192 i feel like in today world, when internet become cheap and free wi-fii everywhere ,so everyone can get their information so fast and upload their own story...seems like everyone can playing the "Victim", like Palestinian playing the victim, Israeli playing the victim, Trump playing the victim, the immigrants playing the victim, even the victim also playing the victim (they make they
bad things into worst) to make a symphaty from the audience from all over the world, just like that Shakespear says that everyone is merelly player in As u like it. For me like always see the news and see it as 50/50 not trusting that 100℅. Always become neutral like Switzerland, they more like neutral in everything, not into world war and even they are a rich country they don't want to join the EU :XD: , btw why is the neutral countries in WWII always start with the letter "S" (Switzerland, Spain, and Sweden) ? :stare: and i think like the "Karma" is never wrong, in here we always have a forest fires/ wild fires every summer, the smokes always go bad and come to Singapore and Malaysia, and they must to close school and workplaces coz it's unhealthy, first they blame Indonesia for that smokes, but then after the investigation we did, the source of that wild fires are made by the owner of oil palm plantation in Sumatra and Kalimantan island, and whose the owner of that plantation? They are the citizen of Singapore and Malaysia :XD: in Indonesia we have this quotes "Tidak ada asap jika tidak ada api" means that theres no smoke if theres no fire, if we want to know why we get smokes, we have to find who set the fire. The Singapore and Malaysia goverment finally give charge to their citizen who made that fire. And magically the smokes never going to Java island, Thailand, but i don't know if Brunei Darussalam get that smokes too. Even that wildfire in Australia, the smoke never get to Java island see...that Karma never wrong :XD: