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Trans Fear 7 5, 11:43am

@uktana #9857195 Swahili? How about your native Chinese :atroll:
I think that u're smart but not that snobbish, like u already did the SWOT analysis, so...that u know your weakness, and then no problem with other peoples mistake :D
Yeah... I mean like sometimes the google not always right too, that's why after searching it i also ask if that is your talking about to just clarify something that i don't understand.
Oh... BTW... I remember one of the racial jokes in "Modern Family" tv show,theres a character "Phil" when he went to some summer camp,and he join the team games, they name their team "white" and then their make a T-shirt with the slogan "u aren't white, u aren't right." and when Phil go home still wearing that T-shirt with Uber, the Uber driver is an African-American man, and then when he arrive at his house, the Uber driver is so mad when read that words, then he gave Phil's bags with angry face. And then Phil just looks at the camera, and don't really understand why that Uber driver really mad at him :XD: