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Trans Fear 7 5, 9:36pm

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Swahili? How about your native Chinese :atroll:
I think that u're smart but not that snobbish, like u already did the SWOT analysis, so...that u know your weakness, and then no problem with other peoples mistake

Well, that's true, I am as fluent in Chinese as I am in Swahili, so there's that. :XD:

Sometimes people think I'm a snob because I listen to classical music, prefer wine to beer, can talk about Shakespeare and James Joyce, and speak with a more-or-less "educated" diction. But what such people don't notice is that I also listen to grunge music, like a good beer now and then, can talk about comic books and crappy movies; and with an English-teacher mother and a wannabe-lawyer father, "proper" English just comes naturally to me - and I don't got no problem with yakkin' like a yokel if I git durn ready to. :evillaugh:

Yeah... I mean like sometimes the google not always right too, that's why after searching it i also ask if that is your talking about to just clarify something that i don't understand.

I have a problem with people who think that the internet never lies. Me: "Man, where'd you get a crazy idea like that?" Them: "Well, it's all over the internet!" (Implying, "so therefore it must be true."). Me: "I never heard of such a thing; and in all modesty, I spend a lot of my time online, and if I never heard it, it can't be all over anything!" They actually mean something like, "It's all over Facebook and Twitter and all those fruitcake sites that I get my news from instead of the lying mainstream media". :XD: The latest one is: something terrible is going to happen to Pres. Biden and V.P. Harris, and so we'll have a special election, and Trump will win and be President again. I just tell them to find some website that explains the 25th Amendment to the Constitution and the Presidential Succession Act of 1947, which say that if something happens to Biden and Harris, then Nancy Pelosi (as Speaker of the House) then becomes President. Boy, THAT freaks them out! image Invariably, such people think they're smarter than I am because they know how to find things on the internet, whereas I regard them as badly educated because they don't know how to evaluate and judge the truth or fallacy of what they find. :XD:

I never took a shine to Modern Family, though from what I've seen, it seems to be full of clever humor, and that story is pretty funny. It reminds me of a scene from Crocodile Dundee, where Dundee, fresh from the Australian outback, encounters an African-American limo driver, and says, just to be friendly, "So what tribe are you from, mate?" Limo driver: "Tribe?" Dundee: "Yeah, you're a blackfellow aren't you?" The driver looks at his hand and says, "I was the last time I looked!"

We have an old expression to thank someone for going out of their way to do you a favor: "Thanks, that's mighty white of you!" This originally meant "white" as a symbol of purity and spiritual grace, similar to how we say, "Thanks, you're an angel". But NObody takes it that way these days, as you might imagine, and it's one of those things that you just don't say.