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Trans Fear 8 5, 10:39am

@RusA #9856966
Trump always had the funniest White House press secretary like that Sarah Sanders, Sean Spicer, i hope it was Roseanne and not that McEnnany :XD:
Today WH press secretary is just too normal, i never interested to watch it again

I'm a little late in noticing this one, but I couldn't help commenting about how nice it is to have a President that doesn't stick his face in a TV camera every chance he gets, who people don't listen to most of what he says, and who seems to want to work with the Republicans to get things done. (So far I'd give him a grade of C- on that one, but he's got lots of room to improve :atroll: ). Also, it's nice to have a Press Secretary who doesn't lie about everything, and a Cabinet full of people who I have to look up to remember who they are, and who just quietly do their jobs. Boy, what a difference! :happy:

I do miss some of the entertainment value of Trump's Press Secretaries and Cabinet members, and it's darn difficult to figure out how to make fun of them, but I'm not really complaining about it. :)