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Trans Fear 8 5, 12:55pm

@uktana #9857247 WHAT? I never heard about that "reparation", that insane :XD:
Even the first country is playing the victim too, i mean... It was a treaty agreement to open their country for immigrants, so..they have responsibility to follow that treaty(i forgot the name of that treaty) so... If they don't want their country full of immigrant, why don't they renew that treaty? Or make something to make the original country peacefull again.
But white peoples this day also must to remind themselves that black peoples today already free, so...they won't call 911 when black peoples just want to relax having barbeque at the park :XD:
BTW... I read this from an Indonesian who live in Norway, and she works in University in Oslo. One day one of her coworker (a German proffesor in university) went jail, coz someone made a call to police when he was walking with his black wife, the German proffesor has a long hair, and the university must to explain to the police that he and his wife not a criminal, they were just exercising at the park :XD: