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Trans Fear 9 5, 5:50am

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WHAT? I never heard about that "reparation", that insane

You'd think so, huh? This idea got started as a minor idea within the Civil Rights movement in the Sixties, but faded away until recently. Now with everything being about "systemic racism", the idea has reared its ugly head again. To me, the idea of paying reparations to people because their distant ancestors were enslaved is about as nonsensical as one Balkan ethnic group demanding reparations from another Balkan ethnic group, because that group pushed the members of the first group into the territory of a third group, who treated them badly. But then, I'm a middle-class white male, what do I know, right? :evillaugh:

But white peoples this day also must to remind themselves that black peoples today already free, so...they won't call 911 when black peoples just want to relax having barbeque at the park

Not to be unfair about it, because black people and Hispanics, and recently Asians as well, can't go outside and be 100% guaranteed they won't be hassled by someone. Puerto Ricans especially and Asian-Americans get shouted at to "go back to where you came from", even though "where they came from" might just as easily be Brooklyn as anyplace else. It's part of our culture that when things start going downhill, we start blaming people who "look different". This refugee agreement, today... it become the boomerang for the countries who signed the treaty. Indonesia still in the grey area or non member.

Oh, yes, I've heard of this one. I think the U.S. is a signatory to part of it but not all of it, but I'm not really sure. Our problems with immigrants has been with "economic immigrants", who come here to make a better life, and not so much political refugees except during major wars. But the majority of our recent immigrants at the southern border have been refugees from Central America fleeing violence and persecution, rather than economic immigrants from Mexico looking for work. We don't want to send them back to a dangerous situation, but there are so many that we can't possibly absorb them all. So it's a problem, and will be one of the issues that will define the Biden administration in history, just as Trump's failure to build his big, beautiful wall is one of his.