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Trans Fear 11 5, 1:48am

@uktana  #9857348 the funny thing that i found about the peoples on the internet, they not just digging about a white man or woman did in their past with somekind the racist thing that normal in the past. Even Kamala Haris as a women who half black and half Indian, if u think that peoples on the internet just let her go, ŵell... They don't, they keep digging about Kamala's grandfather in Jamaica who had slaves :XD: so....they not just attack the white person,but also the black women about her ancestor, that so insane :XD:

Yeah...Singapore secret agent also have an access to the phone of their citizen, since they just a small country and have just couples of peoples, and a spy camera everywhere, and too much rules. There was an Indonesia teenagers got viral coz when she went to Singapore with her friends, the hotel staff suspect her bring drugs or cocain, when the cleaning lady staff found a white powder when she clean the toilet, they sent her and her friends to the police. And u know what? It's not a cocain or any drugs, it just the a "deodorant powder" :XD: but the hotel wasn't feel guilty about it, and gave her charge of broken door that the hotel staff made. And the girl's father wasn't really happy about it and made a bad review about the hotel to the media. Then the hotel made a apologize statement and cancel their charge. Singapore is the only country in south east Asia which has that free drinkable water in their park :D

Oh... That's a funny jokes about a Sweds clean the toilet :XD: