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Trans Fear 12 5, 3:44am

@uktana #9857379 oh...thax for the explanation, so i was wrong when i explaing when the first time i got my first cat was a stray cat and not foster cat :grumpy: , in Indonesian we call it "kucing liar" and when i googeled it become "wild cat" and i was thinking "isn't that wild cat live in forest and looks like more like tiger" , and i remember when i saw on tv some celebrity foster their pet and not buy it from the pet shop, that maybe same with the " kucing liar" in here :XD:
Sometimes English also has rules with something formal or common in use the word... Like when one time i got this phone, usually it's for my friend extension, but he wasn't in the room, and then the operator sent it to my extension, when i pick up the phone, he was speaking english and asking about my friend, so i was told him that "he's not on his table", and then the person on the phone correcting me by saying "Oh... Do u mean he's not on his desk". See... Since i never use English converciation everyday, i forgot to use the common English for something simple :XD: . We also have something like slang language here that sometimes we make fun with the English words, like we always said if someone always act jush their own way and not follow the rules, we said " seenak jidat lo aja" or we translate in bad english as "as delicious as your own forehead".. And in Singapore they have "Singlish" they mixed the English, Malay, and Chinese. Like when they want to go sight seeing, they will say "let's go we walk-walk lah.." not just "walk" ,in malay is "Jalan-jalan" and the Chinese "lah" as their dialec :D