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Trans Fear 13 5, 12:36am

@RusA #9857394
Yeah...most vegan don't eat milk and eggs, then how come they have cheese. Thanx for the recipe. But i think i just eat tahu and tempe than that vegan cheese :XD:

As far as I'm concerned, those vegan cheese substitutes are for people who want to be vegans because it's fashionable in their social group, or because they want to look more virtuous than ordinary people, but don't want to change their habits very much - and becoming a serious vegan demands a lot of change! Most of those people will be scarfing down bacon cheeseburgers within a few months, just you watch! :yes:

There's a difference between vegans and vegetarians, though: "vegetarians" only avoid foods that result in the death of an animal: meat and fish, mostly, but have no problem with consuming dairy products, and many will eat eggs as well, or at least veggieburgers that use egg white as a binder. "Vegans", on the other hand, avoid all animal products, including eggs and dairy, and even honey or any other food produced by animals. To them, milk belongs to baby animals, not to us; and honey belongs to the bees, and we shouldn't steal it from them. They also avoid, on principle, any kind of animal products in clothing, such as leather or wool. Using non-dairy cheese is the least of their concerns, so they leave it to the phonies who like to call themselves "vegans" but don't walk the walk. :)

Some of the people on both ends can get awfully high and mighty with us barbarian carnivores, and it's for good reason that Anthony Bourdain used to call them "the fascist vegetarians and their Taliban-like offshoot, the vegans". :XD: He had the greatest respect, though, for the vegetarian cuisines of cultures like India or Asia, which have been doing it for centuries as ordinary cuisine, and not because of fashion or virtue-signaling; and he never really criticized westerners who practice vegetarianism quietly and without making a big deal of it.