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Trans Fear 13 5, 8:17am

#9857427 no.... I was mocking u after your comment about original foods ~9857413 i was pointed about how popular our noodle brand, and beat others ramen producs from Japan, Thailand, and Malaysia. I meant if u really want to try the same food that don't change the tastes or anything u put in the dishes, then try that our popular "mie goreng" from our local brand Indomie :XD: coz it's also popular in here too. Oh... Even my mom always said that i used to eat 4x a day,not like the others in this country who only eat 3x a day. My mom mocking me that i used to eat 3 times for rice and plus 1x for instan noodle, that when in my teenager times when she always complaining that i never home, and always playing outside with friends :XD:
I once saw a tv show when they compare the Thai foods in Thailand and in USA, and how different the tastes between 2 countries. In USA they replace many spices that they use in the original receipes. Or an Indonesian who said that she love Mexican foods, but when she went to Mexico, she found out that the foods are really different with the one she always eat outside Mexico, and then she says that turned out all the Mexican food that she ate were the Mexican foods in American version :XD: Tha's why i always curious to try any foods in their original places.

But even the foods here are so different, like in this Java island, most peoples in western part of Java don't like the foods from Central Java, we say that their foods just to sweet, even their "sambal" or chili souce is just as sweet as jam, when we travel there , we only stand their local foods for one day, and then we better eat at the fastfood for the next day :XD: or we just bring our own "sambal" if we go there or when we travel outside Indonesia :D .so...we won't be so grumpy about their local foods, if the local foods are just to sweet for us, we just eat that with our sambal, ,
and it always work for many Indonesian.