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oh.... Like i wrote before that that instant noodle is a poisonus food, many Indonesian also blame their deases to instant noodle, specially when someone live outside Indonesia then their family will send them the box of that Indomie, so...they can save their money for meals.

I've had a bad digestive reaction to some instant noodle mixes, which is why I don't usually eat them. It depends on the brand, though - the supermarket brand Maruchan seems to be the worst, as well as not tasting very good. My greengrocer has a good selection of Asian specialties as well, and a whole aisle of instant noodles, many of which are quite palatable. They are all either Chinese or Korean, though, so no mie goreng. Next stop will be the big Asian supermarket where they seem to have everything.

I once read that even the Chinese food in south east Asia countries are different from , the Chinese foods in China. She also surprise that Chinese food in China is so oily and not what she expected.

I've heard that complaint a number of times from people visiting China, that the food people eat over there is way too oily, plus they eat things we'd never think of as food. As I've mentioned more than once, Chinese restaurants in the U.S. serve food altered to appeal to Americans, including the ones that are supposed to specialize in Hunan, Szechuan, or Shanghainese food. (Conventional Chinese food in the U.S. is mostly Cantonese as filtered through 19th-century San Francisco, :D )

There's a rumor that our Chinese restaurants have a "secret menu" that's not written down - you have to speak Chinese and know what to ask for to get the "real" Chinese food. I've seen my Chinese friend order off-menu in Chinese, but what we get isn't anything exotic. For the most part, if you want something that's not on the menu, but they have the ingredients for it in the kitchen, they're happy to make you a special order. I'm not sure if you could get dog with plum sauce or caterpillar stir-fry that way, though. :evillaugh: