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Trans Fear 15 5, 6:11am

@uktana #9857530 oh.... I never try Luwak coffee either till this day. The price of Luwak coffee is so expensive, when i was in Lombok island and went to the souvenir shop, they have that real sample of Luwak coffee, when i asked the price, it's almost $30 for small pack, and they didn't have any tester for that coffee ,and i didn't want to spend that sum of money for something i don't know the tastes. :XD: but they have a tester for the wild horse milk :XD: ,then when my friend touch the real sample of their Luwak bean coffee, i said to her to put that down, it's a real "Luwak's poop" :XD:

When the native American have the unhealthy foods on their reservation, in fact when i searching about the history of the Luwak's coffee also from the sad story from my ancestor in colonial times :cry:
The coffee bean produced in that manner was discovered and collected by native farmers in Indonesia during the colonial period of the 19th century, when the Dutch forbade local workers from harvesting their own coffee. . i was wondering what my ancestor will think that their invention of coffee become the healthiest and most expensive drink in the world :XD:

Oh... It's the original recipes for tempe orek, but in the western part of Java usually we added the chili, and it testes hot, sweet, and a bit salty, even the tempe mendoan we eat it with the kecap manis sauce mixed with chilli chops. The funny things that the only "nasi goreng" in Java island use the "kecap manis" in their receipe, my friend once told me that in Sumatra island they don't use "kecap manis" in "nasi goreng", and i say "yes, i saw it in my friend's house, her mother version of " nasi goreng" or fried rice was red and not brown like popular in Jakarta." But my mom is from Sumatra too, and she always make the brown nasi goreng with kecap manis, and we always eat it with chili souce or dry chili :XD: