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Trans Fear 15 5, 2:44pm

@uktana  #9857471 oh... There was a senior in my work place a muslim that really devoted to his religion, his desk was in front of the room, and if someone want to give foods to our division, they always put it on the back of his chair. One day i asked him "why he never eat all that chocolates", and he answeared "coz it's from abroad, and he don't think it's halal". Then i said " but theres Arabic letter in the label of the chocolate", he answear "yeah...but it doesn't mean it's halal chocolate". . i told him again " but the one who gave u this chocolates are muslims too, and most of them already hajj." he still believe that chocolate aren't halal and never eat them.
And then one day, one of our vendor invited us to lunch, and they the one who pick the restaurant. They said that the restaurant has a special menu "Russian chocolate", they explain it that the chocolate made from vodka, and they order it with red velvet cake. I went to buy something outside after eat the main course, and when i come back to my chair i just see the red velvet cake. So... I asked him "where is that Russian Chocolate"" then he said that he ate that chocolates, and the other also already finnished with my other friends. I was schocked, then i said "didn't u listen to their explanation before, that chocolate made from vodka?". He said that he didn't hear it, then i asked my other friend, and my other friend said he knew it, but he let my senior eat it :XD:
I know that when u cook with alcohol that the alcohol will go away with the heat. But it's fun to mocking him that he ate an alcoholic chocolate, when he always avoid non halal chocolate on his desk :XD: i said to him "oh...alcoholic yummy".