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Trans Fear 16 5, 6:55am

@uktana #9857787 oh...yeah... I'm the expert of Indonesian foods. The Chinese restaurant in here also have special menu "frog's meat", and one time i found the article that said that Indonesia also the bigest export for that frog meat or frog legs (i don't remember which one we export since i never try any frog meat, i mean...that frog could be a prince :XD: )
I think the Indonesian foods have the same tastes as Thai foods, like that sour, hot, and sometimes use the coconut milk. Oh...and don't forget that i also already told u about our eastern island where u can find the human's meat too, but just make sure since u have your imaginary Germanic blood, that they.
want to eat the human's meat with u, not u're the one on their table :evillaugh: