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Trans Fear 18 5, 4:12am

#9858027 Things must have deteriorated quite a lot by the early 1900s to make my dad's family want to leave.
Oh... I don't understand...why i must to reminds u about your family history :shocked: it just like i must to copy, and paste story from the Anne Frank's diary, OK...let me explain how your father family move from Frankfrut, first...we all know that your father Jewish family same as Anne Frank family were from Frankfrut, Frankfrut owed much of its commercial and cultural pre-eminence to its Jewish community, of which your father family were members, had been natives to Frankfrut. Different from Anne Frank, your father family move 20 years earlier before the WWI coz anti semitism already grow in many places in Germany. And then your father family move to USA :yes: but i don't know any reason why they latter move to Canada? Since your mother family is Chinese, and already migrated to Canada, coz anti Asia in Warren J. Harding era in USA :atroll: