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Trans Fear 19 5, 3:30am

@uktana #9858094 yeah....and don't make me create your family tree, i will just start from T-rex until Mulan in China as your great great great relatives :no:
I read the afterword in Anne Frank diary, and found out that Hitler was an Austrian-born former house painter :XD:
And between 1924-1929 most Germans regarded the Nazi as ruffians and clowns of no great importance, until the worldwide depression in 1929, ever greater numbers of Germans began to listen to Hitler. And he wasn't attacking Jews, he also said that "the Slavs" were subhuman people fit only to be slaves :shocked:
Anne Frank was born in Frankfrut before her family move to Amsterdam, and she said that her uncle already move to USA.
I once saw a video about the grandchildren of queen Victoria of England, before the WWI, the emperor of Germany was one of the Queen Victoria grandchildren, and the King Edward something of England is his Uncle, and the King of England doesn't like his nephew hates about the Jew, so...the Jewish hate already started before the first world war.
And the first world war mostly the family war in Europe, coz they still relative between Germany and England :XD: