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Trans Fear 20 5, 7:41am

@uktana #9858155 yeah...that's what we don't get in our history study when in school, that WWI was a "family drama", and that video was uploaded in 2019, and in here we never really study about the European royalty either, mostly just French revolusion, nothing with Queen Elizabeth II ancestors :XD: and just hot gossip from Diana and Charles :atroll:
I saw in the " Suzy Gold" movie about the Jewish family, i think they more like not to open to others, and saying other than Jews as "Hobo", means not as smart as Jews. And when in Israel that someone interview peoples on the street about the Jesus and Muhamad, they mostly not recognized those two :no: and in Europe at that time mostly Christianity is the bigest emperor.

And today video on youtube, there was an exoduse many Jews in European want to go back to Israel, and the Israel goverment welcome them with many jobs and facilities, and places to stay, that's why they move the Palestinian to go away, and since the middle east soil rich with oil, and to many conflict in their area, they become many war immigrants in Europe and other first countries which sign that treaty immigrant. So... It's not solving the problem, and make another new problems :shocked: