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Trans Fear 22 5, 6:10am

@uktana #9858324 i always think that every human have 2 sides (good and bad) like Hitler at that time was the Hero for the peoples in Germany who think they want their land and pride back after the WWI and treaty of Versailles, seems like Soeharto in the old days was our military hero, and then became too greedy with power and money, but he got better treatment than Hitler,who then suicide with his new wife and kill his own dog, Soeharto never go to jail, only his youngest son who charge guilty for most his corruption, collution,and nepotism in this country.

Funny things, that i read even some of the Jews also made their anti semmitism comments, i've read about an American jew "Bobby Fischer" who get the Icelandic citizenship after his bad behaviour :XD: