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Trans Fear 22 5, 6:42am

@uktana  #9858322 Yeah....they have too many version of not only Jesus, Muhamad or other holy person in the old days :yes: is like when i want to write your biography as a god , then i will just write that one of your ability is can eat 100 durians in one hour, even i know that u never seen that durian in real life, or come to Asia :XD:
In Huckleberry Finn, when the widow Douglas told Huck about Moses, and then he found out that Moses had been dead considerable long time, he said that he didn't care and don't take no stock in dead peoples :XD:
Or in Moloka'i when the main character asked her aunt why she still believe to their old god than Jesus, her aunt answear "is a daughter 'born from the brain' of her mother any less believable than a virgin who gives birth to the son of god?" :XD: in the book also explaine that Hawaiian King made a new rules that every new born child have to be named of a western saint, and when the main character got sick, her father remember his dream and change her daughter name to their own native name. Same in here most baby born already have somekind of Arabic, saint or western names than our old native names, but it's not mandatory things from our president :XD:
And there was an Indonesian writer, that i once told u that she is the mother of the "minion" movie creation, i read her book, and she also found out the Buddhist religion is more close to her Javanese tradition more than her Islamic religion, so when she die not long a go, i read on the news that she was cremated, not following the muslim ceremony. :XD: