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Yeah....they have too many version of not only Jesus, Muhamad or other holy person in the old days :yes: is like when i want to write your biography as a god , then i will just write that one of your ability is can eat 100 durians in one hour, even i know that u never seen that durian in real life, or come to Asia

There's actually a running gag in parts of the internet, started by an oddball group called the Church of the SubGenius, about "the plague of the Jesii", which is a time when we will be overrun by various forms of Jesus, all different, and all claiming to be the one and only genuine article. ("Jesii" is a humorous dog-Latin plural of "Jesus", which in real Latin is actually one Jesus, two Jesūs, with the plural having a long vowel. Normally in English, if there's one Jesus, and another walks in the door, then you have two Jesuses. :XD: see ~9857360 ) The SubGeniuses have a similar teaching about a whole herd of Buddhae overrunning the world. :evillaugh:

And it's true that we don't know anything about these historical characters except what the old documents tell us, and what their followers tell us about them. But the documents are often questionable, and their followers disagree on just about every point about them. There's a lively occupation for scholars in chasing down "the historical Jesus", and "what the Buddha really taught", and what Mohammad might have been smoking that made him see visions. :evillaugh: Not to be invidious about it: the Prophet Ezekiel and whichever John wrote the Book of Revelation might have been stoned out of their minds, too, to judge by their writings. :XD:

In Huckleberry Finn, when the widow Douglas told Huck about Moses, and then he found out that Moses had been dead considerable long time, he said that he didn't care and don't take no stock in dead peoples

I made a joke about that, in a post about a nutty Turk who thinks he's figured out the Quranic version of the story of the Great Flood: the Ark was really a nuclear-powered ship, the "animals" were cell samples to be cloned after the waters receded to repopulate the Earth, and Noah spoke to his fourth son (in this version, stranded on a mountaintop) with a cellphone. See ~9720016 At the end, I wrote, " I mean, if you read that other version of the story, you wouldn't believe it, either!"