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Trans Fear 23 5, 11:21am

@uktana #9858375 i read the funny book in Indonesian version "The Geography of God" by Eric Weiner, the original version is "Man seeking God". He is jews who works in NPR, and was a writer in NY times, his brother is a Rabi, but he's not religious himself, and then he told his brother that to make the book, he already travel around the world, and did anything religious like pray with muslim, Catholic, hindu, Buddha, even the cult in Fance that believe Jesus as aliens. And then in the final chapter of the book, he asked his own brother the same question that he ask to all religious leader " what if that they beiieve as the holy messiah or phophet or any that religious person in the past just a mad crazy person that they think they can hear the sounds of god?" i don't really remember what his brother answear, but then in the end of his book, he said like ...after all of his experiencies, he prefer to be an atheis :XD: