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Trans Fear 24 5, 4:03am

@RusA #9858390 Oh, boo-hoo, another child of privilege whining that life gave him lemons, and don't we all feel sorry for him? I'm sorry for the loss of his mother, of course, and too bad about the misspent years of his youth, but dahling, airing your dirty laundry in public like this is just not done! :atroll: What does he think this is, the Oprah Winfrey Show or something? Oh, wait a minute... :XD:

Prince William has been doing the interview rounds as well, it seems. Maybe the two of them are trying to make the Royal Family more accessible to the people, after it has maintained a traditional kind of aloofness for decades, that people these days take for chilly detachment. They should go talk to their cousins in Denmark, who have done quite a good job at that sort of thing. :)

Harry might have a head start at looking like an ordinary person. Last Christmas, he and his wife were out to buy a Christmas tree, and some kid mistook him for the tree salesman.