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Trans Fear 25 5, 12:36am

@RusA #9858410
do u think after British peoples don't pay Harry anymore, then Harry just give Archie $10 baby meals, when his cousin George and his siblings get £ 1.000.000 baby meals

Yeah, how is Harry supposed to raise a family with a net worth of a mere $40 million? :stare:

And peoples all around the world more like the royal drama, not a very happy Danish royal family, they will just... Fredrik, who? christian, who? Isn't that Hamlet still the prince of Denmark?

That's true. The site where I got the story about Prince Christian's confirmation had a link to "Royals", and I thought there would be more news about the Danish Royals, but NOOOOOOO! :stare: It was nearly all hot gossip about the Brits. To get news about Queen Margrethe and her brood, I mostly have to go to Danish-language sites, and then they're all about how wonderful the Royal Family is. :XD: I don't know for sure if it's that they're really that boring, or if they're just that good at manipulating their publicity. :)