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Trans Fear 25 5, 2:51am

Jews and Christians both have the Bible as their holy book. But one crucial difference between Judaism and Christianity is what parts of the Bible their doctrines are based on. Judaism is based on the Old Testament, whereas Christianity mostly is based on the New Testament.

So if a law from the Old Testament is contradicted by the New Testament, then it doesn't apply to Christians. For example, Jesus declared all foods clean according to the Gospel of Mark, and that's why Christianity has little to no dietary rules, unlike Judaism.

The reason the Old Testament is part of the Christian Bible is, accoding to many theologists, that one has to have read the Old Testament to fully understand the New Testament.

And unlike Christianity, Judaism is not a missionary religion. That's why the number of Jews is so low compared to the numbers of Christians and Muslims. You can convert to Judaism, but it is a tribal religion at its core.