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Trans Fear 25 5, 5:54am

#9858441 yeah...$40 Million for Harry who was living in the luxury palace since he was born won't be enough.. I mean for us the ordinary peoples, we think we will spend it until our 7 generations, but for Harry maybe just for 3 years :stares:
Harry will make his lemon into gold and more money, he will become the new American royalty after the Kardashian ending their reality show :atroll:
And if the British royal can make that to increase Will & Kate popularity, i mean like many British already grumpy about paying the royal with their taxes, and William just add more kids, or royal party, or apartment renovation. I once saw when Kate attending an event and the crowds screaming "boo" to her.
I mean, the British royal can use every Harry negative statement for their public symphaty too, and make their royal family more popular all over the world ,and it also can cover the Andrew's cases too :atroll:
If Harry still in Britain, peoples will always compare him to his perfect brother, but in USA he can sell his royal story to the media with Oprah as his new best friend :atroll:
Peoples all around the world more like royal drama and tragic life. Like most church in here always make drama about Jesus tragic death, do u think if Jesus had a peacefull death without betrial from his best friend, he will be really famous today? And peoples love to see that tragic drama on the happy christmas day in every year, never they play that a very happy life of Jesus and friends :stare: not only that royal tragic and drama make a lot of money from movie and play :XD: