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Trans Fear 25 5, 8:48am

@uktana #9858455 but i always think the countries that pro Israel, are just want their Jewish peoples move to Israel, and not live in their country anymore, i saw that like Jews in New York whose just speak Hebrew, and not english. And in one interview with a jew who live in France then move to Israel, he said that Europe not really save anymore for them, like in France they banned any religious dresses or hats or head covering things, and the rise of Neo Nazi in Germany. But like i said before...when we arguing about Israel and Palestinian conflic seems like wasting our times and energy, they're both the one who make peace as a sin, they will do their conflic until the end of the world :no:

Oh...thanx for explaining about that difference between Jews and Christian, and the Jewish the "Christ-killers" isn't that funny the roman who kill Jesus, become the center of Christianity. Semit religions are so confusing, for me the Jews is the parent who not recognized his 2 childrens. Christian is a big brother, who hates his parent and his little brother. And Islam is the little brother who said that i'm more modern than my parent and big bro. But in the end everyone is going to hell :XD: