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Trans Fear 25 5, 11:07pm

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If Harry still in Britain, peoples will always compare him to his perfect brother, but in USA he can sell his royal story to the media with Oprah as his new best friend

Maybe he can be the host of his own reality show, Do You Have What It Takes To Be a Royal, maybe, where the contestants compete against each other to be the best at taking tea, waving to crowds, and wearing expensive but tasteful clothing (and for women, how well they can wear a hat). :D

do u think if Jesus had a peacefull death without betrial from his best friend, he will be really famous today?

That's true, and many important figures in early Christianity were executed by the Romans because they were considered a threat to the their stable society (not burning incense to the Emperor or to the established gods, for one thing). On the other hand, the Buddha died a peaceful death, and he's doing pretty well for himself these days. :)