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Trans Fear 30 5, 5:07am

@uktana #9858675 oh...there was one episode in "a good fight" after the Bill Cosby case, in that episode the one famous right activist hero is the partner of the law firm who just die not long ago, and his secretary report the rape case to the firm,and want the money from the firm for her kids, the victims who is a black woman said that she won't tell the media, coz she knows only a few black men that consider a noble men, usually black men always connected with mafia, drug dealers or many crimes, so she knows what the media will always attacking hard to the noble black man than the others. So... It's always depend with the victims.
And the wives of billionair like Milenia Trump, or Melinda Gates have no problem at all when their husband have an affair with other women. And yeah...that Andrew Cuomo seems more like Joe Biden, i saw in 60 minutes Australia, when a women was telling that Biden rape her while she was working with him. But she's not a Trump supporter too, so she didn't make any book about it :XD: