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SatW Countries in Order of Appearance 2009 to 2020 15 6, 4:44pm

without England between them it just looks like Scotland and Ireland are having an angry staring contest lol

also, I added both the guest comic appearance of Hong Kong, and Humon's version of Bro-Hong Kong, and I like to imagine first Hong Kong is "Sister Hong Kong" but I'm not sure so I add ? at the end of Sis, so that way both versions can be canon

I skipped, Beer Ghost, and Special Lion, and volcano, and Hans Islands (it will just be too long if I did everyone so those with the flag were prioritized and not the "pets" or other non-country things like Scientology or Burger King, or check out guy, etc

I tried removing the dying man from The Ancients but it ended up looking weird so I just kept him in,

I almost forgot Sister North and South Korea cause their picture is in the description of Going For Gold and not the actual comic, so I had to add them in

edit I misspelled Sahara, opps