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Germany Got Laid 30 6, 6:03pm

Well um Brother Japan took that well
Maybe Bro Japan is hoping Bro Germany would introduce him to Sis Germany

Bro Germany: so you aren't mad I'm dating your sister, I know how protective you can be of her.

Bro Japan: Germany-sans, my sister is an adult and old enough to be your grandmother

Bro-Germany: yeah...wait what?

Sis Japan: Lady America says I'm what you called a "cougar"

Bro-Germany: sometimes I forget how much older than me you are.

Sis Japan: who are you calling old, I may have been born thousands of years before you but biologically you look way older than me

Bro Germany: I'm sorry I didn't mean to be disrespectful, I just don't get a lot of sleep

Bro Japan: that's because you were banging my sister last night

Sis Japan: he sure was

Bro Germany thinking: what's with this family??