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The G7 in Gacha life 20 7, 10:08am

what Hogwarts house they are in order used by name wheel

Germany: Ravenclaw
Sister America: Gryffindor
Canada: Hufflepuff
France: Gryffindor
England: Ravenclaw
Sister Japan: Hufflepuff
Italy: Slytherin

(ok Slytherin wasn't the first or even third choice the wheel picked but I really get Slytherin vibes from SatW bro Italy so I made him a Slytherin)

since this boy, girl, boy, girl, boy, girl, boy, Sister Russia would be next in line and I see her as Slytherin
(that way their two of each house)

maybe there's another G7 version where genders are switch
Sister Germany, Brother America, Sister Canada, Brother France, Sister England, Brother Japan, Sister England, and even though their not a canon version Sister Italy