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The G7 as a band 20 7, 1:59pm

I put their names in this Gravity Falls: Code Breaker I used the A1Z26 and put Brother/Sister name and added up the numbers to get a number on my mp3, I'm making them all Brother/Sister

Brother England: 2-18-15-20-8-5-18 5-14-7-12-1-14-4: added together is 143 which is the Song: Eye Of The Tiger by Survivor

Brother Italy: 2-18-15-20-8-5-18 9-20-1-12-25: added together is 153: song: Dreams by Fleetwood Mac

Brother Canada: 2-18-15-20-8-5-18 3-1-14-1-4-1: added together is 110 song: Dead Girl Walking Reprise Heather Musical

Sister Japan: 19-9-19-20-5-18 10-1-16-1-14 added together is 132 song That's How You Know from Enchanted

Sister America: 19-9-19-20-5-18 1-13-5-18-9-3-1 added together is 140 song Bring Me To Life by Evanescence

Sister France: 19-9-19-20-5-18 6-18-1-14-3-5 added together is 137 song Imaginary by Evanescence

Brother Germany: 2-18-15-20-8-5-18 7-5-18-13-1-14-25: added together is 169 song Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day

America wearing England's shirt