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Sibling Carry 25 7, 9:07pm

@neutralnationsgobrrr welcome seeing them get along makes the headcanon of brother Germany being "West Germany" and Sister Germany being "East Germany" and being forced to be two separate countries for 45 years is sad, I mean it was already sad but it makes it sadder

but it makes their reunion even sweeter

apparently, the US had a big role in supporting German unification and convinced France and Britain to agree to it
German unification was a lot more divisive and people were afraid of Germany becoming too powerful and trying to take over the world (or at least Europe) again and US was like "meh as along they're still in NATO and not a commie I don't care"

here's a good article about it Role of the US in German unification

fun fact, did you know Heroes by David Bowie, is about the fall of the Berlin Wall?

I just found that out a few days ago