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The G7 in Gacha life 31 7, 11:41pm

Sister Russia, not Brother Russia was the 8th member but she got kicked out of the club in 2014, and Queen Europe took her place as the 39th host which was supposed to be held in Russia but because she was kicked out a month before the meeting was scheduled they went to Queen Europe's place in Brussels

oh and because the UK is four countries, England only sometimes represents, it depends on which country is hosting example the 31st G8 meeting in 2005 was hosted in Glasco Scotland, so Scotland, not England was in the meeting

which was the year before Sister Russia had her first and only turn as hosting a G8 meeting in 2006

(England was a bit busy that day anyway, but sometimes if the meeting is in another country he'll send another British country but most of the time he goes, it depends on what country the prime mister was born in)

1975-1996 England went to the meeting

1997-2010 Scotland went to the meetings
(Britian had two Scottish born prime ministers in a row)
(though 1998 meeting was still hosted at England's place)

then another English-born prime minister got elected and England regain his place as a member of the club

and be "representing the UK in the meeting" since 2011 today
2013 was hosted in Northern Ireland

poor Wales never had a meeting