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Urban Canada part 2 1 8, 2:38am

@Thesunmaid It's interesting here, we have 2 standalone Starbucks, 2 standalone and 2 in store Timmies(1 in the mall, 1 standalone on mall property and 1 in Wal-Mart just across the highway from the mall and 1 standalone across the road from Wal-mart. You can see the signs for all 4 at the same time pretty much if you get on the roof at the mall) on the south side. Downtown is Timmies(2 standalone, 1 in the hospital) and independents(want to say 5 independent cafes), plus 1 newer Starbucks. North side is 1 standalone Timmies, and 1 more in the town like 5 minutes away.

That all is for a city of like 63k, with a few more k right around it.

I don't mind Starbucks, but for the price I'd rather get Timmies a few times

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