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We are in a very hateing relationship 15 9, 6:05am

@Strawberry_bat um ok, in your "you" page there is a "change avatar" click on it and it will give take you to a page of avatars to choose from (if you don't like any you can always refresh the page to get new ones) if you want to make your own you click on the
"make your own" and it gives you a list of comics to choose from (it's best to know the title of the comic you want so you don't have to keep strolling fun fact you can type the first letter example if you want a comic from The Boat is being floated (I just clicked on random comic) you can type T and it takes you to the "T" comics (useful huh?)

but I think you need a certain amount of comments before you can make your own but I don't know how much