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Like a Shakespearean play 9 10, 3:52am

@Smartis Problem with racism is where you put line, what you define as racism, don't you think so? There are so many nuances that many people use same word for different meanings... I will put myself as example:
Watching movie with only black actors - I can't get into it, I will drop it quickly.
Having a black soldier watching my back on battlefield? A soldier I know who is competent and experienced? Who is on my side? I will take him/her over any member of my family....

P,S. I don't expect reply. From what I know and learned from history all races/sexes omitted atrocities... Be it Whites, Blacks, Jews, Muslims, Asians, Orientals, Reds or others.... All based racism... It is just now these days Whites take all the blame for entire human history.... Wont debate my point anymore here but if you want to discuss and debate I am game. I will even accept live face to face chat. I am so sure of my point. And If I lose, well I will do whatever you want with me. :) (Well that sentence had extremely perverted meaning if you didn't get it)