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We are in a very hateing relationship 20 10, 10:37am

It's called "Nordic brotherhood", each of us makes fun of others and we tolerate it because that's how we have shown that we care for them for ages. Danes and Swedes love to clash with each other, Norse joining Swedes and Finns... Well let's just say Swedes are our favorite brothers, we even have a nice saying about competition: "It doesn't matter do we win, as long as Swedes loose".
And that goes even further at least in Finland where towns have their own favorite enemies, like Turku and Tampere are two most notorious ones, Tampere wants to sink Turku by jumping on the bridges and Turku wants to make lake Näsi beautiful again by doing a little bit of dredging, just enough to remove Tampere (except Särkänniemi can stay).