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Cheerleading is Manly 2 11, 4:46pm

Yeah, but in modern perspective it is a sport only for females do they can dance in tiny clothes and say: "Go, go" or something to the men that are doing the real stuff and the girls just only gonna look pretty and wear tiny, sparkling clothes? And just be decoration? Hmm? It is like before when women just where decorations!
And the boys just gonna be tuff and do the hard job and girls just gonna: "Oh what cool you are" and be like stuff you can own.
It would be funny to make a sport for only women that isn't stereotypical for girls that boys cannot come in and just be decorations that singing silly songs. Ow, it would be so funny.
I think everybody can relate to it.

And I think that in America the sort of seeing woman is different in the Scandinavian culture. If you think, in Scandinavia our best athletes is women. Charlotte Kalla, Therese Johaug, Malin Baryard, and more. They had been never been thinking of cheerleading and cheerleading isn't a big sport in Scandinavia or the rest of the North.
In a lot of movies about cheerleaders and cheerleading it is like girls that is so in love with a "handsome" boy that is good on a sport for "guys" and they all are in love with him and faints everytime he is talking to them. It would be so funny to learn the children that instead for the stereotypical world.
That was a bit of my damn moral.