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Too real 20 12, 1:31pm


Ah, so Boris isn't the saviour that brought the true Brexit anymore then?
Looking for a new Messiah to deliver the Brexit magic are we?
Because it couldn't possibly be that Brexit was a bad idea to begin with (like everyone not in the cult told you) so it has to be the fault of someone who betrayed you, right?

And text-book projection there, by the way - claiming it's the EU that's not abiding by the treaty.
Problem is of course that everyone outside of the cult remembers Boris signing his "oven ready deal" and proclaiming it a great victory - only to then refuse implementation of the bits he didn't like.
And then starting to renege on the whole deal within a year.

Now you cultists obviously don't care what the EU says - in your warped world view they are the liars - not Boris (famed for lying).

But your problem is that the rest of the world draws the same conclusion as the EU - including the US.

And now Frost (who famously was against Brexit before he saw a career move in being for it) has jumped ship, because he realises there isn't a snowballs chance in hell the EU will let him or Boris pick and choose what part of the treaty they have to abide by.
Better then to flee the field and let someone else be hated by the likes of you when he/she inevitably have to climb down from their empty threats. First up seems to be Liz Truss - she will fare no better.

While Frost sits on the sidelines, claiming he would have gotten a much better deal.

You're led by posers and liars promising you things that will never happen.
I know it's a bitter pill to swallow, but the sooner you accept that the better.

US media take on the situation. Does it sound like what they're telling you in the cult?

Regarding last we spoke - no, you remember incorrectly of course.
You where falsely claiming that refugees to Britain where all economic migrants.
I was pointing out that you have no way to prove that until you process their asylum claim - and when you do, it turns out 64% of them are granted asylum on their first try and almost half of those rejected that appeal the decision are granted asylum on appeal.

So they're clearly not all economic migrants.
If they had been there would of course not have been this wish to keep them outside of Britain to begin with - then they all could have had their asylum claims rejected and been deported.

No, it's the very fact that the majority of them are in fact legitimate asylum seekers that makes the Tories want to stop them from even setting foot on British soil so they can make an asylum claim at all.
Because when they actually get a chance to, the majority of them are afforded asylum.

So far old news.
Brexit is a shit idea that's producing shit results and most refugees are not risking their lives for simply economic reasons.

Regarding your attempt to change the subject by talking about the EU's own struggle to stop refugees - I know, you're preaching to the choir here.
But if you believe this article is some smoking gun, showing how immoral the EU behaves (as I do) - then you agree with me that Britain is acting immorally too, right?

Because you're not a hypocrite, claiming that the same refugees that are legitimate asylum seekers when they try to cross the Mediterranean are suddenly only economic migrants when they then continue on their journey and try to cross into Britain?