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Too real 20 12, 5:02pm


Well that was some goal-post moving!
a) As you well know I've always detested the Tories for what their done to my country so trying to claim otherwise is an obvious lie. Anyone who has read our 'discussions' over the recent years will know that so you must be getting desperate to make claims like that.

b) Again your being 'selective' to put it mildly. What I said was that people already safe in France who insist on moving to Britain can hardly be said to be refugees seeking safety. Unless your claiming France is some sort of brutal dictatorship they need to flee?

c) There is a world of difference between Britain saying that we don't see why people living safely in France should be considered to be refugees because they insist on coming to Britain and the EU knowingly paying [and equipping] militia to capture people in international waters and keep them in brutal prison camps where their subjected to violent abuse and many are dying. But to you the 1st case is Britain taking a decision so it must be evil and the 2nd the divine EU doing something so it must be OK. In Libya they have no security or legal rights. Unless your saying the same applies to when their in France the same can't be said for them insisting to move from France to the UK?