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Too real 21 12, 7:05pm


Well your exposing yourself as either a blatant liar or a total idiot as I have repeatedly made clear my views on Johnson and the Tories and their definitely negative. Ditto I have often mentioned my own countries shortcomings. You have either never really read anything I've said or are ignoring it as inconvenience to your so blinkered viewpoint.

You will note that in this very thread I have tried to take a balanced view on the tree issue but that won't matter to you as your a binary thinker. You only see in black [anything you disagree with and hence must be degraded/destroyed] and white [your own preferred image of the world]. Not sure you can even understand the concept of shades of gray, let alone colours. That is the big difference between us. I can see other people's point of view and consider them. That's a function your totally lacking in. - Although you are willing to nick my terminology. That's something its seems you do remember me using before. ;)

Interesting that you argue there's no difference between saying that Britain has no right to prevent anyone moving to this country but that the EU can use great brutality and lethal force to prevent people in a dire condition from trying to reach the EU. Other than of course that you will call the British approach evil and wrong but won't openly criticize the EU on their far more savage methods.