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Too real 22 12, 6:52pm


Yes - it was the right thing to do, as Nazi-Germany of course was the epitome of a truly evil regime and obviously caused WWII.
But how many other wars are as easy as that?
I don't think it's hard to find wars those same nations have gone into that have been far less worthy.

And yes, it's certainly true that Germany couldn't threaten any of those nations, being situated on the other sides of the world. But that makes it easier to enter a war - not harder.

Entering a war where your home is safe, and the only ones put in harms way are young soldiers (volunteers even, in the case of Anzac) is quite different from putting your civilian population in harms way - which is usually what entering a war means, for most countries.

And it would certainly have been the case for Sweden, or any of the other Nordic countries, if they had voluntarily chosen to enter WWII.

Thousands of civilians had undoubtedly died - quite possibly many more.