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@Mojo Funny enough. That's what Judaism teaches (what Christianity was an offshoot from), and is more "Karma-centric" (aka. If you do bad things, bad things will happen to you either when you're alive, or in the afterlife. And one should do their best to live a virtuous and good life to get into heaven.).

And most people in Xianity mistake forgiveness with "an excuse to do whatever you want.". It's like "A parent might forgive their child for doing bad things, but that doesn't mean the child doesn't get punished for their actions." Same thing really, and yeah. Agree that if a person does something bad, they should work to make things right ... yet. It's sad that most Xian's believe that since they are Xian's they live a life without consequence since "it's okay, anything we do, we'll be forgiven, and anyone we don't agree with is in the wrong. Thus evil, and we have full right to call them evil, and condemn them to hell." (utterly ignoring Jesus saying "if you judge others, you'll be judged in the same measure.")

(You'll see that judgement everywhere. Catholics, Protestants, all the splinter groups. Worship the same god, yet each judge the others into the pits of hell. We just sit back laughing our 45535 off because they're damning their souls with hate. While ignoring not only Jesus's clear warning, but the actual written word on what their god hates (Proverbs 6:16-19 (1)Liars, 2) the Arrogant, 3) those who hurt the innocent; 4) A Heart that devises wicked schemes; 5) Those who rush into evil; 6) Those who bare false witness; and 7 (what he finds an abomination), those who disrupt peace and harmony within the faith.

Kind of have to find the humor that with a strong message of forgiveness, redemption, and not casting judgement upon others. With an even clearer message, that hate and harming the innocent is what their God hates above all. They chose to lie, hate, and condemn others. Where Jesus would preach the opposite, and tell others what they are doing is a grave offense ... yet. They ignore any message of peace, for a message of "I'm better than anyone else, and everyone who's against me will suffer." or "If I 'say' I worship Jesus, than I won't get in trouble for anything I do. *Cue #AllTheFacePalms*".