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Hot Tea 25 2, 10:44pm

@MooseFace Tea pets are like these clay figurines usually made of clay usually the same materials as as or similar to the purple clay pots and you pour the leftover remains of your tea on them once it's cold and are gross to drink. I know if some people that also pour the first round of tea over them too since its considered "weak" and not worth serving (i don't but I like weaker tea lol). Basically they're very cute (I've got a sleeping Huli jing (9-tail fox) myself) and they over time start to keep the fragrance of the tea due to the clay properties. (that's why china is pouring tea over the pot in the first, place, it's really only specific pots like the purple clay ones that are worth that time), otherwise china is usually wAAAY more chill on the tea ceremony. it's kinda more like the west's High/afternooon tea than a specifically set out ritual and setting like japan's)