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Too real 8 3, 9:04am


Haven't bothered replying to this before as I had Christmas and nicer things to do.
And then I was waiting for Boris to be axed by his own party for all that partying.
Which he surely would have been - if it hadn't been for Putins war on Ukraine - so we know he's secretly happy that happened.

But to respond to your previous post:

The discussion we've been having for several years now has been about BREXIT.
Since that's obviously a shit idea for Britain and there is no good argument to defend it (not even the main Brexiters themselves can muster anything better then vacuous slogans like "Taking back control!"), you've repeatedly detoured onto other subjects.

Claiming now you've been clear in any opposition to Boris Johnson and the Tories is thus quite besides the point - and I notice you didn't even deny voting for them.
Which just proves my point - you've been trusting people who lie to you.
That fact that you now claim you've never liked or trusted them - but still voted for them - dosen't make your argument any stronger.

The rest of your claim is pure projection. You accuse me of doing precisely that which you yourself do - view the world in black and white.

In your last post you completely misrepresent what I wrote, when claiming I "won't openly criticise the EU on their far more savage methods".
It's of course the complete opposite. I did criticise the EU for (not a far more savage, as you falsely claim, but equally savage) treatment of refugees - it's you who refused to criticise Britain.

But I´m really past discussing this with you, there are far more important things happening now.

BREXIT is a shit idea for Britain - always have been, always will be - but now I'm actually glad the UK left the EU. Sorry for all the blameless Brits who are better and smarter then you Brexiters, but considering you Brexiters keep voting the Tories in I'm glad you left.

Because without you the EU could hit Russia with real sanctions and open it's doors to fleeing Ukrainians.

Britain in the meantime is slow walking all action on sanctions against Russian oligarchs, as they are funding the utterly corrupt Tories, and fighting to keep as many Ukrainians out as possible.

Good fucking riddens to the likes of you in EU I say - and don't think EU won't remember this.
After likening the EU to the Soviet Union or the Nazis, that fucking wanker Boris is trying to play Churchill and the leader of the free world (after sucking up to Donald Trump (!)) while desperately shielding his Russian oligarch donors - and shutting Ukrainians out!

Britain has sanctioned less Russian oligarchs and/or companies then Switzerland!
Neutral fucking Switzerland followed the EU's lead and imposed the same sanctions as we did - despite not being a member of the EU and not needing to.

Norway did the same - and is comitting to sell of all Russian holdings in it's $1.3 trillion sovereign wealth fund - the largest in the world.

In Britain, Boris and the Tories long before him have shielded Russian oligarchs and other criminals for years - feeding of their teets.

"David Cameron promised to shut out “dirty cash” in 2015, and in 2016 the British government promised to introduce a public register of foreign-owned property. Six years later, Boris Johnson is still promising to rush forward such a register."

In reality, your government is is now FORCED to introduce some legislation - and then it's predictably full of loopholes that will let their donors slip away.

In a desperate attempt to at least be seen to do anything, Boris sanctioned 3 oligarchs. All already sanctioned by the US years ago. Then he was forced to add 2 more some days later - but your government keeps talking about their "hit list" of 100 or 140 oligarchs. But of course they won't sanction them now - instead giving them ample of time to move their money!

And when they finally do, British enforcement will of course be the worst in the western world - becuase it already is today.

But that's only money. How's your Tories doing on saving lives then?

Well, so far 1,7 million Ukrainians have fled from their country, over 1 million just to Poland.

Britain? You're demanding visas - of which you've accepted only 300 as of tonight (and that's after being forced to rush through applications in the last hours to make up a better number then 50, which was the count earlier today).

Ireland has taken in at least a 1000 so far - Sweden at least 2000 - but then we don't demand visas, because we're not fucking racist afraid that women, children and the elderly fleeing from Russian shells are coming to live off our tax money, now are we?

Of course there are racists like that in both Ireland and Sweden.
They're just not in office because people in Ireland or Sweden don't give them a fucking majority!

So congrats on becoming Europe's most racist AND most Russian-oligarch-friendly country - that will do wonders for your foreign relations in the years to come!