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New President 20 3, 11:29pm


I don't watch TV - I read newspapers.
You should try it sometimes - TV only rots your brain.

Trumps years in office is already remembered for his corruption, sucking up to dictators and killing his own people by downplaying the threat of Covid-19. And then he topped it of by trying to overturn the election and cling to power anyway.

He's a fucking disgrace - and you're a tool for believing in him.

Oh, don't you worry about Europe. We've been here far longer then the US has, and we're a lot wiser for it.
Which is why most of us knows how to differentiate between imperialistic wars of aggression (like your failed war in Iraq) and defensive wars of national independence.
We'll continue to support Ukraine however long it takes, even if the US public has the attention span of a goldfish.

Hopefully you'll be keeping attention as well, but if Trumpers like you vote the moron back in office, he'll no doubt try to help his boyfriend Vlad out and throw Ukraine and it's people to the wolves.

So it seems you'll be having a choice to make in 2024.
Do you back democracy or autocracy?
It seems pretty clear you'll be going for the latter.