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New President 21 3, 12:05am


I know most Americans are ignorant about the rest of the world, but the EU is actually made up of different countries.
Sweden has virtually no import of Russian gas or oil at all - we're a net producer of energy.

Unfortunately not all countries in Europe has made the same investments in sustainable technology - but then neither have the US.

Your continued reliance on fossil fuels are destroying your own country with wild fires, droughts and tornadoes becoming ever more disastrous every year.
It's another good reason to not vote for the moron - but I guess science isn't something you believe in, right?

As I said - no need to worry about us - we're fine compared to you.
We've been here far longer then the US has, and we're wiser for it.
And climate change isn't going to be as disastrous here as it will be in the US, either.