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New President 21 3, 6:11am


Christ you're an idiot.

And not only that - but a fascist one as well:

"and if we're not we'll have to take them out back and shoot them"

Actually, that outcome - or attempt at that outcome, rather - might be the best thing that could happen to the US.

Your republicans have been encouraging racist grievances and the "lost cause" mythology since Nixon and then Reagan went for the "Southern Strategy" to soak up the racist vote after the Democrats did the decent thing and abandoned their racist voters when they signed on to support civil rights in the 1960s.

As a result this ignorant nostalgia for the Confederacy and succession has been growing - fueled by the gun manufacturers greed and lobbying to allow ever more unrestricted access to insane amounts of armaments.
The imagination that "militias" could rise up and take down the federal state (or any part of the population you don't like) - fueled by morons like Trump or Tucker Carlson - is a powder keg just waiting to go off.

But of course - any such attempt at "take[ing] them out back and shoot them" will invariably lead to your own destruction.

A bunch of middle-aged yokels with hand guns does not an army make - and they don't defeat cruise missiles, fighters or tanks - obviously.

Maybe the second civil war is what you need, to come to your senses?
I hope not - it would be terrible for you, but you've really got to grow up sometime.

Regarding other NATO-members, the funding they've had so far was actually adequate for the defence of Europe - as Russias complete failure to advance in Ukraine now has shown.
When Russia can't even surround Kiev in three weeks of fighting - how much threat to you think they are in capturing Warsaw or Berlin?

What the European NATO-members are reacting to now is instead the willingness of Putin to launch a major invasion (which nobody really expected him to do, since it's such an utterly stupid thing to do) - IE the realization that Putin is willing to do even utterly stupid things.

And the fact that his war on Ukraine and the major sanctions the EU are imposing as a result means that there is no going back to the previous status-quo.

A new iron curtain has descended over Europe and it will take years before it may, eventually, be lifted again.

Because you're wrong in assuming Europe has the attention span of the US - we don't.
The European public have longer memories and are far less less fickle in their understanding of the world.

So the changes we've seen in Europe over the last weeks are here to stay.
Putins war on Ukraine has meant a paradigm shift and realignment of all of Europe.

Switzerland - traditionally neutral and not an EU-member - has opted to break with its neutrality and are signing on to and enforcing all EU-sanctions against Russia and Belorussian.

Norway - not a member of the EU - has also signed on to all sanctions by the EU, and is divesting their $1.3 trillion sovereign wealth fund, the world's largest, from Russia.

My own country of Sweden - not a NATO member - apart from the usual humanitarian aid has sent 5000 anti-tank rocket launchers to Ukraine - the first time we have provided weapons to any nation at war since we did so to Finland, during the Winter War in 1939.

Finland - also not a NATO member, but neighbour to Russia - also sent arms to Ukraine - also a first for them since the Second World War.

You probably have no idea about any of this, because the TV you watch don't tell you about it.
But trust me - Europeans understands the threat autocracy poses to all democracies.
We can just hope the US gets it too, this time, and doesn't tries to isolate itself like it has several times before when the clouds of war are gathering over Europe.

You could vote for someone like Trump and turn your back on Europe - but you'll be dragged into any war sooner or later anyway. You always are - because it's in your own national interest.